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At IndyArborist.com we save trees! We can inject pesticides, Fertilize, use growth regulators, treat for yellow leaves, and needles falling off of pine trees. We know tree health care and can provide a solution for you. Give us a call today! 317-602-9239

Typically there are a few common pests:

Emerald Ash Borer : We can treat your trees with a high rate of emamectin benzoate ( trade name TreeAge ) to kill EAB larve. 

Rhizosphaera Needle Cast: Causes Blue Spruce and similar trees to have dead purple needles which then fall off. This is a fungus.

Iron Chlorosis: In Pin Oak trees usually the tree can't get enough iron from the ground. We can solve the problem with long term soil ammendments and also inject iron for a green tree this year.

Manganese Chlorosis: In ornamental Red Maples often the leaves will yellow from lack of manganese in the soil. Again we can treat long term with soil amendments or inject fertilizer for this year results.

Growth Regulators: We can use a growth regulator to save trees in decline, slow bradfor pear growth and more.

These are only a few common problems. Call us today and we can solve yours. 317-602-9239